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To bridge market needs Udacity introduces paid big data courses

To bridge market needs Udacity introduces paid big data courses

11/21/2013 11:36 am0 comments

Data analysts and data scientists are already in big demand. According to various surveys there will be an exponential requirement of big data experts around the globe in next three years, with 190,000 data science experts needed in US alone. Given this demand, data science courses are a good career option. In addition to various free online courses, Udacity has introduced paid courses to impart more refined and superior education. 

Choosing to launch full time experience in data science courses, Udacity recently announced two new initiatives for students. These include Data Science and Big Data Track and Paid Course Enrollment. The idea behind paid courses is to improve the focus on the free online courses that are otherwise very unprofessional.

Udacity paid big data courses

For the new courses, Udacity will make available both a new track and a new personal coach for students who register and enroll for the course by paying a monthly pre-determined fee. The courses comprise of lectures, project and auto-graded exercises in addition to the online content (which is available for free).

Significance of Udacity’s paid course

When asked about the importance of paid course, Udacity informed that enrolling in a paid course is like going to a great class, in contrast to a free online course which is like reading through a book aimlessly.

According to Udacity, the paid enrollment course will begin from January 2014. The charges under the scheme will be charged per month/per course. The good thing about the courses will be that these will continue without any rigid schedule. There will be no fixed start and end dates, so the students will have the flexibility to take as long as they desire to finish a particular course.

The real advantage that students will have with Udacity courses is that during the period of enrollment, students will have access to a personal coach who will assist them through the projects and guide them with advice and feedback. Students will also benefit with verified certificates, which will be presented for the accomplishment at the completion of the final project and exit interview.

Project work

Udacity’s paid enrollment scheme will lay extreme emphasis on project work. This is because a good job takes more than a good resume. Udacity course will thus require lot of project work, which will help students show off their projects as portfolio to their employers. This will increase their opportunity to get employment and enhance their practical knowledge.

Paid enrollment scheme – cost structure

Presently, Udacity has only released information about a few courses. Students who are enrolling in advance are being offered 30% discount. The discount in enrollment is available for four courses which are part of Data Science and Big Data Track. For entry level course the cost is $150 per month (discount available now) and for intermediate courses like Data Wrangling with MongoDB, which will be two month course, the cost is $200 per month (discount available now). In January a couple of more beginner level courses will be added.

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