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Big data education, a good way to kick start your career

Big data education, a good way to kick start your career

There has been a fair share of technological shifts in information and technology since its inception, but if experts are to be believed, there hasn’t been a more significant one than caused by the rise in big data. Considering this immense change, there has been a huge demand for data analysts, who can help manage big data for companies.

Big Data EducationBig data is an enormous increase in the data brought about by excessive usage of mobile devices, social media and new media platforms. If harnessed properly, big data is a great thing for organizations. Big data can enable organizations to make specific and accurate data-derived decisions which are based on the past and the expected behavior of prospective customers.

Organizations have realized the importance of big data and have begun to analyze large data sets for better business and operational understanding. But all this has only begun after the companies like Facebook and Google built custom databases to manage and process this movement in data.

Being immensely important, the big data system comprises of large software and unconventional databases which need special training to be used properly. This would come as no surprise that considering the importance remuneration and level of skill required managing this data, big data analyst is considered the best job in 2013.

There is a ever increasing group of engineering graduates who are enrolling themselves in universities offering courses in big data. To attract best engineering students’ universities like MIT and Harvard have begun offering courses in big data and data sciences. These courses have made the field of big data competitive and rewarding.

As the platform of data science heats up, there are increasing number of option that have crept up to gain education in this field. In addition to universities and colleges, a growing number of online learning platforms have come up that offer technical training and certification in big data science. Some of these platforms include Khan Academy, Coursera and Big Data University. These offer courses free of charge, which is a great advantage over high paid courses in the universities.

These online learning platforms are great mediums of education for professionals looking for time and cost effective way to acquire necessary training and skills for big data. These courses are online, so you don’t need to sacrifice your job or current profession to pursue them.

A considerable rise on big data science learning platforms offers a great potential to engineering students look to stay ahead in the new world of big data. These online platforms being free of cost also offer great opportunity to professional to pursue skills and remain ahead in the careers without having to compromise on their existing jobs.