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Korea opens first big data analytics centre

Korea opens first big data analytics centre

11/27/2013 2:48 am1 comment

To bring its technology sector at par with the global technology giants, South Korea has set up country’s first big data analytics center. The big data analytics centre will enable researchers and businesses to refine and analyze big data for their projects.

South Korea’s ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning have worked in collaboration with National Information Society Agency (NIA) to open ‘Korea Big Data Centre’ (KBiG), the country’s first big data analytics centre in the NIA building.

Big_Data_center south koreaThe Ministry of Science informed that the Korea Big Data Centre is set up to promote data analytics in government and private sector with the intention to transform Korea into a data driven creative economy.

The new centre will allow all kinds of researchers, businesses and hospitals etc., to process and analyze the avalanche of data for their products.

The aim of the center is to bring the Korean industry at par with the global technology giants like Google and Amazon, who have gone ahead by 3-5 years by properly enrooting their big data.

Korea Big Data Centre is primarily created for small and medium size businesses, universities and citizens who wish to analyze their big data to find answers to their research or business issues.

Until the opening of KBiG, universities, research institutes and businesses in Korea were paralyzed when it came to securing and analyzing big data. They had to rely on limited IT infrastructure, they could create by themselves. Korea Big Data Centre will now provided the much needed shared service that everyone will benefit from.

According to an official from the Ministry of Science, the new centre is expected to be a “test bed” for big data analytics to foster research at universities. This, he says, is a basic solution for everyone to use the services in order to analyze big data.

Via: FutureGov

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