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Hadoop Course for Admins

 Training Format: Online

Total Duration: 20 Hours


Course Content (Hadoop Training for Admins)

1) Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop

– What is Big Data?

– What are the challenges for processing big data?

– What technologies support big data?

– What is Hadoop and Why Hadoop?

– History and Use Cases of Hadoop

– Hadoop Eco System


– Map Reduce

2) Understanding the Cluster

– Typical workflow

– Writing files to HDFS

– Reading files from HDFS

– Rack Awareness

– Daemons

3) Best Practices for Cluster Setup

– Best Practices

– How to choose the right Hadoop distribution

– How to choose right hardware

4) Cluster Setup

– Install Pseudo cluster

– Install Multi node cluster

– Configuration

– Setup cluster on Cloud – EC2

– Tools

– Security

– Benchmarking the cluster

5) Routine Admin procedures

– Metadata & Data Backups

– File systemcheck (fsck)

– File system Balancer

– Commissioning and decommissioning nodes

– Upgrading

– Recovering failed namenode

6) Monitoring the Cluster

– Using the Web user interfaces

– Hadoop Log files

– Setting the log levels

– Monitoring with Nagios

– Monitoring with Ganglia

7) PIG



10) Sqoop

11) Oozie

Our online big data training programs impart all necessary knowledge and skills Hadoop Admins need.

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