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Hadoop Course for Developers

 Training Format: Online

Total Duration: 20 Hours


Course Content (Hadoop Training for Developers)


1) Understanding the Cluster

– Typical workflow

– Writing files to HDFS

– Reading files from HDFS

– Rack Awareness

– Daemons

2) Map Reduce

– Before Map Reduce

– Map Reduce Overview

– Word Count Problem

– Word Count Flow and Solution

– Map Reduce Flow

– Algorithms for simple problems

– Algorithms for complex problems

3) Developing the Map Reduce Application

– Data Types

– File Formats

– Explain the Driver, Mapper and Reducer code

– Configuring development environment – Eclipse

– Writing Unit Test

– Running locally

– Running on Cluster

4) Anatomy of Map Reduce Job run

– Job Submission

– Job Initialization

– Task Assignment

– Job Completion

– Job Scheduling

– Job Failures

– Shuffle and sort

– Oozie Workflows

5) Map Reduce Types and Formats

MapReduce Types

– Input Formats

– Output Formats

6) Map Reduce Features

– Counters

– Sorting

– Joins-Map Side and Reduce Side

– Side Data Distribution

– MapReduce Combiner

– MapReduce Partitioner

– MapReduce Distributed Cache

7) Hive and PIG

– When to Use PIG and HIVE

– Fundamentals and Concepts


– CAP Theorem

– Hbase Architecture and concepts

– Programming

Our online big data training programs impart all necessary knowledge and skills Hadoop Developers need.

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