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Greenplum Training

This interactive course explains trends in the new data and databases. Topics include traditional databases and their comparison to data appliances, newly emerging technologies, traditional versus new techniques, Greenplum administration principles, code development and interfacing, business intelligence and third party integration, Greenplum salient features and its advantages over competitors, Greenplum shortcomings and unsuited scenarios, Hadoop and practical applications, Hadoop tools and their typical use cases.

Emphasis is given towards practical steps and enables quick understanding of fundamentals. Participants may be able to gain additional knowledge and participate in project executions. Hands on exercises are designed to apply their knowledge to solve practical scenarios. Though that course is Greenplum centric, same concepts are equally applicable to other data appliances such as Netezza and Vertica.

 Training Format: Online

Total Duration: 20 Hours

 Course Content (Greenplum Training )

  • Traditional databases and data appliance technology
  • Emerging techniques in BI (ETL, ELT, ELTL and BI reporting)
  • Data appliances and non-traditional systems
  • Netezza, Teradata, Greenplum, Vertica and Aster
  • Greenplum salient features and MPP architecture
  • Greenplum environment and client connections
  • Greenplum administration
  • Greenplum tables, distribution, data types, indexes, etc.
  • Greenplum queries, plans and partitions
  • Append only tables, compression and streaming
  • External tables
  • Web tables and other topics
  • Loading data into Greenplum
  • techniques and tips for loading into Greenplum
  • data unloading and backup
  • Greenplum environment and simple admin tools
  • Greenplum user privileges and multi-tenancy
  • Greenplum tables, storage, backup and restore
  • Resource management
  • Greenplum monitoring
  • Different topics on Greenplum, including social media and recent technology advances
  • Query plans, fine tuning and performance enhancement
  • GUC and other settings
  • Hadoop
  • Hadoop terminology and technology
  • GPHD & Pivotal Hadoop, MapR and Cloudera
  • Map reduce, hbase and Isilon integration
  • Greenplum Chorus
  • Hadoop tools
  • Different topics on Hadoop

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