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Ford’s new green future driven by big data

Ford’s new green future driven by big data

11/14/2013 10:35 am0 comments

Ford considers big data analytics as the next frontier of innovation and productivity. It has been using big data – in and out of vehicles, to design new age eco-friendly vehicles that will help the environment appreciably.  Talking about green automobile innovations, there is hardly any manufacturer that can come close to what Ford has delivered to the environmentally conscious world in the past few years. There are many outlining things Ford has done differently to get to the pinnacle, but one thing that stands apart from the rest is use of big data to its advantage. Ford Logo Ford has invested a great deal in big data technologies and analytics. This investment has permitted the automaker’s scientists and researchers to understand realistic fuel economy targets and green routing services. In addition to learning about the availability of rare raw materials that go into the making of in-car batteries and powertrains. Ford took the decision of investing in big data on the recommendation of the company’s Research and Innovation Center, which came into existence towards the end of 1990s. The Center began providing small insight based on the information extracted from the avalanche of data. But with time, the group has begun providing broad information on climate science findings and weather trends etc. that can influence Ford’s decision making about developing new products and services. The information derived from diagnosis of big data is helping Ford achieve new standards in green automobile technology. In spite of heavy investments in big data technologies, Ford has not been able to streamline and sort all the data. This data is still stored in different pockets, which makes most information exist in isolation. Ford however is working on ways to find solutions to this. Ford’s new vehicles are producing gigabytes of data each hour. The automaker is working on ways to seek permission from vehicle owners to collect all this data in cloud data centers to analyze it and use the information to add useful green services to its vehicles. Ford also hopes to use the data collected from its fleet to help automate green routing system so that the vehicles can automatically optimize their speeds to create least impact on the environment. Ford scientists, computer modelers, mathematicians and other researchers have determined from big data analyses that Ford, in particular, is better investing and creating vehicles based on alternative engines like hybrid, all-electric, plug-in electric etc.

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