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Disney Has Been Really Creative with Big Data

Disney Has Been Really Creative with Big Data

11/08/2013 9:47 am0 comments

Disney World is using big data to its advantage, a lesson small and big companies can take to use big data for their benefit. The “House of Mouse” is upgrading big data to the tune of $1 billion; the project aims to enhance user experience and make their visit to Disney World more awesome.

Watching people waiting in lines without a FastPass at the Walt Disney World can soon be a sight of the past. Disney is going to implement a new system that could make your visit to the House of Mouse highly personalized.


In order to take advantage of the magical realm of big data, Disney has introduced a new system – the MyMagic-project, wherein RFID equipped wristbands tell the Disney World employees what their guests in the park are up to. The MagicBand (bracelet) allows the guest wearing it to enter the Disney resort, buy food and other souvenirs, get on to the rides (in a predefined slot) and/or barge into the Disney hotel room – all by just touching the bracelet. Great idea, no?

Disney World - MyMagic Project

A Novel Beginning

Disney isn’t a very new player in the big data industry – Disney has been collecting a great deal of information for its marketing campaigns. This new step, however, is actually very novel. This is for the first time that Disney will track customer behavior at such minute level.

Complexity – When BIG DATA Enters the Picture 

Considering the scope that big data will open for Disney, it is important to understand the amount of data that will be generated by each person entering the world of Disney and how all this data will be analyzed and used to customize every person’s visit. Collection of data will begin right from the gate when someone will buy a ticket and places an order to use the MagicBand.

Now, imagine the convolution that Disney will face to optimize the data of each entrant to offer a tailor made experience for its customer. Addition problem will be the concern for privacy that people will show – Disney has out-rightly claimed that people will have the choice to control the amount of data that want to be shared.

MyMagic-project: Use and implementation

The all new system – MyMagic, is in the testing phase at the Disney World, according to reports; the MagicBand bracelet is being used to track all visitors attending the park annually.

How it works: The MagicBand bracelet works in two ways. Equipped with short range sensors, the bracelet allows visitors to make payments at the theme park or to open their hotel rooms. Embedded with long range sensors, the wristband allows Disney employees to keep track of what the guest is doing and where he/she is in the theme park.

Implementation benefits: There are two main purposes of the technology. One is to provide guests a customizable experience at the park and second is to increase the revenue by hoping to elongate guests’ visit time in order to get an opportunity to extract additional cash.

This innovative use of big data by Disney can be an example for many companies around the globe.


Director at HMPL, a digital media services company, Kamal Thakur is a computer science & engineering grad from NIT Jalandhar. He is a writer, ecommerce analyst and content marketing expert. Kamal lives in the Himalayas.

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