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Demand for Big Data analysts surges in UK

Demand for Big Data analysts surges in UK

11/15/2013 10:06 am0 comments

Companies in the United Kingdom are seeking opportunity to take a giant leap ahead in global effort to deal with volume, velocity and variety of data generated each day. But UK companies are finding it hard to get employees with big data analytic and modeling skills that they require, thus escalating the demand for big data specialists.

Big data has made its presence felt and for all possible reasons, it is here to stay. Even technology specialists who previously brushed of big data as a buzzing phrase have acknowledged the importance of big data for enterprises.

big data analytics demand in UK

The global economy has been transforming with big data analytics and remodeling at a brisk pace. To make the most of this staggering data, one-third of large UK companies are geared to adapt big data technologies in the next five years. What is the implication of this paradigm shift on the demand for employees?

According to a joint report “Big Data Analytics: Adoption and employment trends” released by e-skills UK and SAS Institute, with rapid realization of big data technologies in organization in UK, there is a rise in demand to increase development of critical data analytic skills to meet requirement. The report suggests that there is an expected 243% increase in demand for big data specialists in UK by 2017. Almost 69,000 big data experts i.e. will be required by organization to make fact-based business decisions.

The report further reveals that in UK’s large organizations where big data technologies are being implemented, currently there are about 94 crore big data users. This number though is expected to push up by 177% by 2017.

Recognizing how rapidly the economy is transforming with big data technologies, UK’s Minister of State for Trade and Investment, Lord Green believes, this is UK’s best opportunity to deal with volume, velocity and variety of data in order to lead the global vision on big data. For this, Green says, UK’s government, business and academia will have to work in tandem to develop skills that’ll foster development.

Karen Price, CEO e-skills considers big data analytic skills of strategic importance for UK. He believes businesses and government need to give big data skills a strategic importance along with mobile computing, communication and cyber security etc., since these skills will be of utmost relevance in the near future.

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