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Big Data Analysts Have a Great Career ahead

Big Data Analysts Have a Great Career ahead

10/18/2013 11:14 am1 comment

Looking for a career, one might not always consider becoming a data scientist. But given the demand for Big Data analytic specialists or data scientists, a career in Big Data can seem a good choice or even the best one for most new age junkies.

Since an increasingly large number of medium-scale and multi-billion dollar companies are now using Big Data, the demand for big data specialists or Data scientists (as they are better known) has risen tremendously.

Today, all businesses, small and big, require data scientists who know how to manage the influx of huge information and draw a conclusion and insight from the tsunami of data. Thus, when looking for an option at college course or a career change, you can give Big Data a chance.

Big Data Analysts Have a Great Career ahead

Data scientist is by far one of the most sought after career options, not just because of its demand, but also because data analysts are commanding impressive salaries, which are at par with some big career positions.

Career in Big Data

Big Data is basically extremely large amounts of structured and/or unstructured information/data, which is too much for the traditional databases and tools to handle. This large amount of data comes from all possible sources such as social media, posts, multimedia and files (to name a few). Businesses need to set up state-of-the-art technologies to manage and comprehend all this data. They need someone who can help them manage and draw insights from the data; insights that help increase profits in one way or the other.

This is why the position of a data scientist becomes all encompassing in an organization. The position is spread across three specialist fields – technologists, statisticians and quantification experts.

Technologists – these are data scientists who are experts at writing algorithms and codes to transverse such large amounts of data. Statisticians and quantification experts on the other hand are creative fellows expected to navigate content and find things others can miss.

Career in Big DataSkill set required to be a data scientist

Having already understood that Big Data analysts can have a great career, since it is driving job growth, we need to understand how one can get into the position of a data analyst. It is important to know the skills need to pursue a big data career?

If seen from a larger prospective, Big Data jobs need a wide range of skills. But in a very realistic sense, many of the Big Data jobs do not require major programming skill, instead strong analytical skills and knowledge of analytical tools is probably something that is more required.

Education to acquire requisite skills

You may be able to acquire many skills on-the-job, but if there is still a need to enhance your data analyzing skills, interested candidates can enroll with a good big data training school or institution for a well planned course program and acquire  necessary skills. Vendors like EMC and IBM also offer courses on Big Data. In addition to these, colleges and universities also offer degree programs in analytics and other related fields to prepare the prospective aspirants for a Big Data career.

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  • virender

    Thank you for poviding this information. Let me add to it. Big data is about a 16Billion dollar opportunity in next 10 years. About 57% of it is for ‘Services’ and that means we need “LOT” of skilled people to provide data Services for Big data.
    Few hot technologies to learn in market are- Pivotal HD ( – was called Greenplum earlier.
    This is one of an EMC company.
    IBM (Netezza)
    Microsoft (PDW-parallel Data Warehouse with Office 360)
    AWS (Amazon data web services)
    Oracle Exadata and Big data appliance
    & few vendors providing solution in NoSQL technologies

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