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Apps may minimize need for big data scientists

Apps may minimize need for big data scientists

11/29/2013 2:37 am0 comments

If technology can be backed, then soon we could have a new breed of applications that would allow businesses to create their own big data apps in cloud, thus minimizing the need for IT and big data scientists. 

big data appsBig data, a word that was brushed away as a buzz word by many technology scientists has made it presence felt in a big way. Even the scientist that dared to believe it as only a buzz world have acknowledged the importance of big data for enterprises.

Considering the hype around big data, recently a survey was conducting by SAS institute. The survey concluded that there is a significant rise in demand for qualified data scientists, who can find decisive results from the avalanche of data.

The report revealed that there is an expected 243% increase in demand for big data specialists in UK alone in the next five years.

The opportunity for big data scientists is enormous, since there isn’t enough number of experts on the ground. But is this demand only hype on the big data expansion, or is it time for universities and institutes to churn out armies of qualified big data experts?

According to an article by Successful Workplace co-founder and marketing executive, Chris Taylor, on Wired, there are good enough scientists around already, and as more institutes and courses spring up, producing data analysts will be an automated effect.

An infographic – world needs more data scientists, points out that ‘data scientist job postings increased 15,000 percent between 2011 and 2012 alone’. And people seeking career in big data technologies could soon become the most sought-after people in the IT industry.

However, according to Chris Tylor, the word big data scientist has just been coined a few years back and thus there is so much demand for it. He further that numbers don’t really add up, he is off the view that data scientists have always been there in the IT industry, it just the role is more demanding this time.

According to Taylor and a point that really strikes us is that, given the exponential growth of technology, data scientists could soon find themselves replaced with new applications devised to simplify the process of big data analytics.

New apps could be launched soon, which will allow businesses, governments and individuals to create their own big data apps in the cloud with much lower number of data scientists. Citing this Taylor believes enterprises should refrain from rushing into hiring too many data scientists for now.

Via: SiliconAngle

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