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10 Must-Know Facts about Big Data

10 Must-Know Facts about Big Data

11/11/2013 7:16 am1 comment

With the increasing awareness in big data levels, enterprises around the world are realizing the potential of this avalanche of data analytics and are finding ways to unlock business value from all this data.

Big data has become a buzzword in the world of technology of late. Analytics and service providers are busy understanding the various benefits that can be derived out of big data by collecting, analyzing and utilizing this data. But the questions remain – where does this data come from? How can an enterprise benefit from it?  To answer your inquisitiveness we have listed below must-know facts about big data.

bigdata facts

  1. Data experts believe that big data is still in a very nascent stage, and most of the enterprises are thus still contemplating on whether they should adapt, or continue their wait and watch strategy. Everyone does understand that the trend will change and big data has the potential to change the way we interpret data today.
  2. Since big data has become an integral part of a solution to world problems, it is generally improving power consumption, transportation and making social networks ever more efficient to use.
  3. It is estimated that the current global storage capacity for digital information has reached about 1,200 exabytes. To estimate how much that is – if all this digital information was to be placed on CD-ROMs stacked up in piles, it would form approximately five separate piles, each reaching to the moon.
  4. Another exciting fact about big data is that there are nearly as many bits of digital information as much there are stars in the universe. This is the kind of big data we are talking about.
  5. With each passing hour, people around the world consume enough digital information to fill 7 million DVDs. To explain how much that would be – if you put all 7 million DVDs side by side, they would scale up to the Mount Everest about 95 times.
  6. We cannot think of a place where we wouldn’t see people using mobile phones. Using mobile phones is so normal that it is hard to believe that there are still places in the world devoid of mobile phones. Yet, the reach of mobile phones has, and is spreading globally like wild fire. The reach is so magnanimous that according to a report, the number of active cellphones will reach an estimate of 7.3 billion by 2014. This number may be more than the number of people on earth, but it doesn’t mean that everyone on the planet has a phone; this only represents number of users with multiple phones. Internet users on mobile phones and other mobile devices together make up for 36 percent of the world population, which creates billions of digital data pieces every day.
  7. An estimated 247 billion e-mails are generated each day, out of which 80 percent are recorded as spam. In addition to e-mails, Facebook is the second largest data cruncher on the internet. An estimated 30 billion pieces of data are shared on Facebook on a daily basis.
  8. Considering the size of data that is being generated, there are currently over 500,000 data centers across the globe. These are large enough to fill about 5,950 football fields.
  9. In the digital world, about 75 percent of digital information is produced individuals.
  10. Given the rate at which digital data is multiplying, IT departments across the globe will require ten times more servers by the year 2020. In addition, considering the data growth almost twice the number of current data analysts will be required.

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